The volume is Building 


I know I have not been posting as regularly for triathlon training as I would like to be, but regardless here was this past weekends totals… well actually they were all completed on Sunday due to a busy Friday and Saturday. I had missed my brick workout from Saturday morning, so decided to move it to Sunday evening even though I had a very long swim Sunday morning. This swim was 2700 meters , and I know that it is the most I have ever recorded on a swim session. The bike in the evening was a little brutal, but primarily due to the humidity that was in the garage. I normally train in the basement, but figured that it would be a wiser thing to do a spin in the garage and readjust to the humidity since the first sprint tri of the season is less than 2.5 weeks away.

The run was a bit interesting for me. I have probably not ran in like 3-4 weeks due to shin splints that never healed completely ( the ones from march). This run felt much better. overall had no shin pain and my feet were getting adjusted to the running shoes again. It was a slow 2 miles, but it is 2 miles better than the day before, So I still consider that a win. Also the selfie game is a little on point after this run too.


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I’m going stir crazy!

As any endurance athlete may know the term rest does not exist within our vocabulary… In anything we do. whether its our training, job, or family life there ares always something to do and are somewhere to be going. So, once faced with the dilemma of resting (could be due to a taper week or recovering from an injury) we are challenged with the predicament of “what do I do?”

Two weeks ago I was given the joy of dealing with the onset of some mild shin splints. They weren’t painful enough to be bound to the couch, but painful enough to notice that they are there. Thankfully the pain is only in my right shin. a little over a a week ago I then made the executive decision to cut running out of my training program temporarily until these have completely healed. Last thing I want is to still be fighting with them in July when it is race season. With making the jump to Olympic distance triathlons this upcoming summer I want to make sure that I can be in the best shape i can in terms of lack of injury and proper bio-mechanics. I am not look at race weight because whether I lose some or stay the same I am happy with my body the way it is lol.

Since deciding to cut the running out I have made active recovery and physio a priority of mine. Especially in the lower body many injuries can be prevented by working on other areas of the lower body because they are all inter-related and work together. I invested in a pair of compression sleeves (this is my first pair ever) and am pretty impressed with how much they have helped with my recovery! with combination of myofascial release (foam rolling), icing, and light stretching the pain is slowly starting to feel better. the only downfall is with not being able to run is im slowly losing my sanity… When I run (as every other runner knows) you feel just free. It is a major way I release my frustration and anxiety, so not having that has a way of release has been a struggle. coincidentally this rest week paired with a busy travel week for work which helped steer my attention away from wanting to run.

Do you have any other tips to help with the recovery of shin splints? I am also starting to look at the arch support in my dress shoes and noticing that they do not provide much at all… Looks like it might be some time for some retail therapy…

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John (@TheBlondeJohn)

Under Construction


Hello Everyone who has found my blog! I appreciate you taking the time to look at my page. As you have noticed… It is very empty. This is because I have just started this blog as of (3/12/17), So please bear with me while it will take some time to produce some content for you all. I created this blog mainly as a purpose to document my weekly training and thoughts, as well as throwing a couple edited photos in here and there lol. If this is something that is of interest to you please give it a like or a follow, I really do appreciate it.

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John Steudle (@TheBlondeJohn)