T-Rex Sprint Triathlon Race Recap

This post is a little delayed from the date of the actual race, but this was when i finally had time to sit down and reflect on the race. June 21st was my first race of this season, It is weird to think that this is starting my 3rd tri season already. This first race was a local sprint tri at Island Lake State Park and was hosted by Running Fit.

My training prior had been focused more on my “A” race this season which was an Olympic distance race on July 9th (Race recap coming soon).  aside from the longer distance training my body had been battling shin splints for a couple of months, this is probably from bad form earlier and didn’t let my body completely recover 100% before starting off again even though my form had improved greatly.  but going into the weekend be fore the race I was feeling pretty about how my shins were feeling and was expecting them to be fine for the race.  In all honesty though, the shin splints were the least of my problems those few days leading up to the race. sometime on the Friday or Saturday of that weekend I developed an intestinal bug that led to excessive bowel movements (sorry for the TMI). That Saturday evening several friends and I had tickets to see a small play in Detroit, and even though I did not feel the greatest still went because it was a highly renowned group that was performing with this play. which this is where it all went downhill. I remembered my mother saying to stay hydrated while being sick, but when Vernor’s (Ginger Ale) was the only beverage I was able to tolerate you can easily see where this went. By the end of the performance I had gone cold, shaking,  and my muscles were cramping due to the dehydration. on my way home from the performance I managed to stop at a Meijer gas station and get a bag of pretzels and a Gatorade to become dehydrated… While sitting in the parking lot at 11PM i was having flashbacks to my Drum Corps days and the symptoms I had of dehydration and the refreshing taste of a cold Gatorade. I spent the rest of the weekend and Monday regaining my hydration levels with some electrolyte tablets and plenty of water.

Ok now actually time to talk about the race 🙂

First off I would like to highlight that I have done this course several times in years past through other tri organizations, and is a local training ground for me, so I knew the course pretty much inside and out. The race was part of the Dinosaur series from Running Fit and was a Wednesday evening race.  The weather was absolutely perfect (mid 70’s and lowish humidity) I felt spoiled a little bit. This was my first evening race so I was a little unsure with prepping for the race with my nutrition during the day, but did my best.

The Swim:

The water was on the warm side to be wetsuit legal (probably around 76 degrees). I only had time to do a few strokes to warm up before being called out of the water. when my wave went off I wasnt as far out of the group as I normally like and might of panicked a little bit. Once that settled and I found my rhythm I was good to go… until I overheated a bit (the problem of having a full sleeve wetsuit). But finished the swim and felt better than I was expecting. Normally I would tend to have lots of vertigo but this time it stayed rather minimal.

The Bike:

With knowing the course I knew where it was acceptable to drop the hammer and speed up without killing myself. It was nice to see the hard work that I had done on the trainer this year begin to pay off. Not only was I faster I also had less fatigue than last year on the course. after seeing the 18.6 m/hr I definitely could tell that I had made big improvements since last year considering I might of been averaging in the 16 m/hr then.

The Run:

This was what I was most concerned about. With  having been injured prior to it I didn’t want to go out too strong and blow my legs up (especially since my A race was in only 2 weeks) but I kept to my small steps and high cadence (stayed between 175-180) and it managed to get the job done. This form change helped me finish fast (a pace faster than I normally never expect to run) and strong which I am very happy with.

Also managed to snag a 10 Minute Personal Record over last year! what can you say hard work does pay off. now back to training for the next race.. well maybe after some recovery. below is a picture of the timing breakdown for the event.

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