The volume is Building 


I know I have not been posting as regularly for triathlon training as I would like to be, but regardless here was this past weekends totals… well actually they were all completed on Sunday due to a busy Friday and Saturday. I had missed my brick workout from Saturday morning, so decided to move it to Sunday evening even though I had a very long swim Sunday morning. This swim was 2700 meters , and I know that it is the most I have ever recorded on a swim session. The bike in the evening was a little brutal, but primarily due to the humidity that was in the garage. I normally train in the basement, but figured that it would be a wiser thing to do a spin in the garage and readjust to the humidity since the first sprint tri of the season is less than 2.5 weeks away.

The run was a bit interesting for me. I have probably not ran in like 3-4 weeks due to shin splints that never healed completely ( the ones from march). This run felt much better. overall had no shin pain and my feet were getting adjusted to the running shoes again. It was a slow 2 miles, but it is 2 miles better than the day before, So I still consider that a win. Also the selfie game is a little on point after this run too.


Thanks for looking ,



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