The volume is Building 


I know I have not been posting as regularly for triathlon training as I would like to be, but regardless here was this past weekends totals… well actually they were all completed on Sunday due to a busy Friday and Saturday. I had missed my brick workout from Saturday morning, so decided to move it to Sunday evening even though I had a very long swim Sunday morning. This swim was 2700 meters , and I know that it is the most I have ever recorded on a swim session. The bike in the evening was a little brutal, but primarily due to the humidity that was in the garage. I normally train in the basement, but figured that it would be a wiser thing to do a spin in the garage and readjust to the humidity since the first sprint tri of the season is less than 2.5 weeks away.

The run was a bit interesting for me. I have probably not ran in like 3-4 weeks due to shin splints that never healed completely ( the ones from march). This run felt much better. overall had no shin pain and my feet were getting adjusted to the running shoes again. It was a slow 2 miles, but it is 2 miles better than the day before, So I still consider that a win. Also the selfie game is a little on point after this run too.


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Home is Where the Anchor Drops.

I am super happy with how these both turned out. The original photograph of the lighthouse at Grand Haven, MI was shot by my friend Katie Mulcahy. These photos were edited using the app Prisma. The text was added by using PowerPoint. This was the first time that I had downloaded open source fonts to use in Microsoft Word and was very happy with the one that I picked. It is interesting comparing the two with the different color schemes. One of them is representing a lighter happier time, while the darker picture represents a calm sea before nightfall. The lighter image has also been printed in a 4X4 size picture and used for a ceramic tile coaster and has worked very nicely. I really like now adding some text to these edited images.


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